My intent is to combine the physicality of the object with the intensity of an idea to create a catalyst that leads the viewer/participant to a new place, to an edge where there is an opportunity for a leap of perception. The work has the potential to demand a lot from its viewers, and I expect the viewers to demand a lot from it. The act of the leap of perception is what I am after. In my work, I often use recognizable materials closely associated with industry and functionality but place them within an art context and arrange them in ways, which both deny concrete use and maintain their integrity as sculpture. I hope this intended flickering between the world of industry and use value, and the realm of the aesthetic object, will activate a difference in thinking and imaginative leaps in the minds of those who encounter them.

I have spent a fair amount of time developing a visual language with which I explore many types of ideas. These ideas vary from relationships with mundane objects, to ideas of transcending time and space, to social issues, to information and transportation issues. In this media based world, I sometimes like to think of my work as an imploded movie prop, or prop in reverse. A movie prop plays a small roll supporting a larger narrative, my work, in some cases, is an encapsulated allegory, or larger narrative in a contained local.

Sailing and surfing are two of my passions, and very connected to sculpture in my mind. The idea that forces like wind, water, current, weight and tension, have to be balanced with the physics of an object with centers of mass, lateral resistance, gravity and effort, in continuos motion, coupled with perception, anticipation, reaction and chance. I find it an invigorating metaphor, trying to find that moment between balance and collapse.